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Here is a list of answers to questions Ernest gets asked most often.  If your question isnít answered here, you can comment on his Blog or email him at .  Please note that he may not respond directly due to the volume of email he receives.  However, your question may well find its way to this page in a future update.

I write to read.  I write to find out what is going to happen.  I write to give voice to the many characters that stand outside my office waiting to tell their stories.  They, and I, thank you in advance for your willingness to hear them out.

What is your writing schedule?
I like to be writing at my computer by 8am.  Iíve checked my emails and the Internet before 6am and by 8, Iím on my second cup of Starbuckís French Roast.  On a good day, I write for hours, with short breaks to see the outside world and to have lunch.
Writing, for me, is as easy as breathing. I never plot nor plan nor know the ending of my work. I just type and the words appear on the page. I hated doing outlines when I was a kid and I guess I still do. Writing the way I do puts me in the zone. Itís like a waking-meditation experience.

What is the next book coming out?
Cafť Denial is most likely next.  Itís written and edited, but I want to go through it one more time.  Alishaís second book is in the works, but the title hasnít yet shown up.  A third small-town-horror novel will tentatively be titled June.  It is approaching 300 pages and I still have no idea how it will end.

Do you have an agent?
Not yet.  Is my phone ringing?  LOL

Are any of your books going to be made into a movie?
Iím open to options, but Iím also a realist about Hollywood.  Options are dollars put up to take a work off the street for a certain period of time.  It allows a producer to see if he/she can get a name actor connected to it, and thereby, interest investors.  It can be hell for the writer who is waiting for his work to be shown on the big, or small, screen.  If anyone in Hollywood is interested, they can talk to my agent (see my previous answer).

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Start today and never stop.  Donít worry about writing the perfect sentence, paragraph or work.  Write.  You can fix it later.  If I edited what I wrote as I wrote Iíd never get anything finished.  I donít edit until Iíve done the first draft.  Switching to my left-brain critical self turns off my right-brain creative self.  Having said that, the way I work isnít for everyone.  Do what works for you.

Do you write scripts?
Yes and no.  Yes, I am in the process of slowly writing one, but I prefer to write books.  My hatís off to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez for his ability to crank out scripts as quickly as he does.  The salsa in Austin must be better than here in Tucson, but I doubt it.  LOL

Do you listen to music when you write?
Yes.  When Iím in my office, I often have iTuneís ĎRadioí on when I write.  My favorite station is SKY.FMís All Nature Music.  I find that the combined sounds of babbling brooks, chirping birds and soft music relaxes my mind and eases the flow of words onto the page.  Stephen King listens to hard rock.  It works for him.

What are your favorite books?
Isaac Asimovís Foundation trilogy, Ray Bradburyís The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451, Arthur C. Clarkeís Childhoodís End, Rendezvous with Rama, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Michael Crichtonís Jurassic Park series, Phillip K. Dickís Blade Runner, Annie Dillardís The Writing Life, Robert A. Heinleinís Stranger in a Strange Land, Frank Herbertís Dune series, Anne Lamontís Bird By Bird, H.P. Lovecraftís short stories and books, Stephen Kingís On Writing, Norman Mailerís The Spooky Art, Larry Nivenís Ringworld, Richard Bachís Illusions and more than I can recall at this moment.

What is on your short list of favorite TV shows?
I love almost everything on PBS, especially shows produced by the Brits.  Iím addicted to House, even though I find myself missing episodes.  I love Mad Men, but I unrealistically lament that there isnít a new show each week.  I usually begin my weekdays switching between Morning Joe and Squawk Box before Squawk on the Street comes on the air.  Iím Ďmadí for Jim Cramer.  My all time favorite television shows are all the versions of Star Trek, the West Wing Series, Twin Peaks and the earliest sci-fi shows, including one you probably never heard of: Space Patrol.

What are your favorite movies and why?
Star Wars blew me away when it first came out.  Alien scared the hell out of me.  American Graffiti rocked me back in time.  Forbidden Planet turned me into a fan of Robby the Robot.  Animal House had me rolling in the aisle.  Groundhog Day is a film that Iíve loved and watched again and again.  When Harry Met Sally made me laugh and love.  Le Mans transformed my theater seat to a Formula One driverís seat.  I think I saw it like 23 times.  Blade Runner still wows me.  The Day the Earth Stood Still seared three Ďaliení words into my memory banks: Klaatu barada nikto.  John Fordís superbly directed The Searchers gave me a new appreciation of John Wayne.  Iím also a big fan of foreign films both old and new.  Maybe thatís because they only send us their great ones.  There are many more that slip my mind at the moment.  Truth be told, I love movies!

Who's your favorite comic book-graphic novel character?
Iím writing his story.  Youíll have to wait to find out who he is.

Who does your book covers?
I do the covers, unless credit is given to someone else.  Iím blessed to have friends that include outstanding fine and graphic artists.  Iím helped and influenced by friends old and new: Chip Lancaster and Earl Kendall.  They have real talent.  Iím just a writer who is barely literate in Photoshop.

Do you read the comments on your blog?
Yes, I read all of them.  If I donít reply to comments, itís because Iím overloaded with writing projects.  I also read every comment on Facebook, all my @'s on Twitter, and all my emails.

Where can I find your books?
My books are now, or soon will be, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the iBookstore.

What are some ways I can contact or stay in touch with you?


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