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Alisha Series by Ernest McIntyre

ALISHA: The Knower
SHE KNEW.  Even before she woke up that morning.  She knew it was coming — coming not for her little brother, mother, father or even her grandmother sleeping in the basement.  It was coming for her.  ‘Knowing’ was something she’d been born with, tried to hide and tried even harder to deny.  She knew, plain and simple.  She was, after all, a Knower.  ‘Almost’ sixteen, she knew whatever was out there was coming for her.

When she meets high school jock Danny Deveraux, her life changes in ways even she didn’t know would happen. Together they embark on a journey of discovery and revelation that may save the world.

Cafe Denial

A young artist on his way to New York takes an off-the-Interstate two-lane road through sky-high cornfields and gets into an accident.  Forced to seek repairs in the closest town, his life is about to change in unexpected ways.  Storm clouds are on the horizon when a stranger appears who knows more than he should.  The lives of those living in Denial, Kansas are about to change forever.

JUNE by Ernest McIntyre

The opening paragraph should give you a good idea where this work-in-progress is headed.

JUNE.  It came too early this year.  Not the month, the thing.  The thing none of the townspeople spoke about except in whispers to each other in dark bars and private places.  Too early—he knew it was here but didn’t want to admit it even to himself.  The tracks were there in the dirt in front of him, tracks that disappeared in the field of tall grasses on the other side of the dirt road.  A shudder came over him.  He was safe, for now, but it had come too early.  It was only June for chrissakes.