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ERNEST is the author of the ALISHA series, CAFÉ DENIAL, JUNE and other ‘works in progress’.  He has been nominated numerous times for the Governors’ Arts Award.  He has covered the arts in Phoenix for the Arizona Republic newspaper and contributed articles to magazines in the US and abroad.  Ernest is also a documentary filmmaker, editor of a magazine, and loves living in the Arizona desert, where he says he is "surrounded by wild creatures and even wilder writers, musicians and artists."

How did I begin writing?
My brother and I grew up in a small two-bedroom home.  We shared the same bedroom and almost every night my younger brother would say, "Tell me a story".  More than once I was well into the story and he would be sound asleep.  I guess I liked having an audience even then.

My first science fiction story was written when I was in high school.  I can’t recall the title, but I do remember the story and still like how it ended.  I might have written more, but my handwriting was illegible and my typing was worse.  It wasn’t until Steve Jobs invented the Mac that I let out the voice within me.  I started typing a note to a girl I had a crush on but the words wandered off into somewhere unexpected and unplanned.  I remember typing, Wayne Johnson stood by the corral, and saying out loud, "Who the hell is Wayne Johnson and what is he doing in my love letter"?  Somewhat sane friends encouraged me to just keep typing.  I did.  Three hundred plus pages later, I was holding Café Denial.

ALISHA: The Knower began by my typing two words that popped into my head; "She knew."  The rest just flowed out.  I had no idea where the story was going, what she was going to be doing or how it would end.

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